• Extra Large size: provides much more space for your food.
  • MultiBox: transparent drawer with wave bottom, ideal for the storage of fruits and vegetables
  • LED lights bring a completely new lighting concept to fridges
  • NoFrost: never defrost again, thanks to perfect protection from ice formation - that saves time and effort.
  • BigBox frozen food drawer: for stacking storage containers or for large frozen food items.


Product Details:


The Bosch KAN92LB35G, Side by Side Fridge Freezer A++ Rating in Black is a NoFrost fridge freezer with indoor electronics saving you from defrosting and cools very efficiently. With its extra-large size, it provides more space for your food and its MultiBox transparent drawer makes it ideal for storage of fruit and veg.

Defrosting a fridge by hand can be very annoying and time-consuming. Thanks to our new fridges with NoFrost, you can easily remove this task from your to-do list for good. Unlike in conventional fridges, the air humidity in a NoFrost fridge is permanently collected in a central chiller unit, which automatically defrosts on a frequent basis. The resulting condensation is simply channeled outside out of the fridge, where it then evaporates. This way, NoFrost permanently keeps your fridge free of not only ice, but also the need for manual defrosting.

Big Box Frozen Food Drawer
An extra-deep frozen food drawer for practical stacking of frozen foods containers or large frozen items like gateaux or pizzas. No matter whether you have to cater to a child’s birthday or freeze a wedding cake – in the BigBox you will find enough space for large frozen goods.

The alarm system signals a sound or light when the door is not closed properly.

Fully Telescopic Rails
Containers on telescopic rails or fully telescopic rails slide smoothly and safely out of the appliance. They're easy to handle and give a clear view of the food stored.

Easy Access Shelf
The shatterproof, frameless glass shelves are particularly easy to use, thanks to the smooth pull-out mechanism. And they also give you a clear view of your food at any time.

2 Cooling Circuits
2 separate cooling circuits, which allow you to control the chilling and freezer compartments independently. Easy-to-use electronic controls allow you to adjust the temperatures individually and prevents odour transfer.

Fruit and vegetables retain vitamins and stay fresh up to 2 times longer
Healthy living has never been so easy. The VitaFresh plus freshness system creates the optimum storage conditions for all your fresh food thanks to extra low temperatures and optimal humidity control. The right moisture settings in the drawer can be easily adjusted between humid and dry to preserve vitamins and minerals even better. So your fruit and vegetables retain their vitamins and stay fresh up to twice as long.

Fresh air without bacteria: the airfreshFilter
The air fresh filter actively neutralisies odours inside the refrigerator and filters out bacteria. Unpleasant substances from foods with intensive odours are absorbed, and the air remains clean and fresh - without replacing the filter for the life of the appliance.

Multi Airflow System: even air distribution for longer freshness
The fan-assisted MultiAirflow System causes gentle, even currents of cold air to emerge at all levels of the chilling and freezing area. Temperature fluctuations are minimised and cooling times reduced – which helps your foods retain their flavour for longer.


Key Features Fridge

  • 1x Vitafresh Drawer
  • 1x Multibox Drawer
  • 2x Removable Door Storage Compartments
  • 1x Dairy Compartment in Door
  • 2x Large and 3x Small Door Shelves in Fridge Door
  • Bright Interior LED Fridge Light

Key Features Freezer

  • 2x Freezer Drawers
  • 5x Door Trays in Freezer Door
  • Freezing Capacity in 24 hours: 12kg
  • Maximum Freezer Storage Time in Power Failure: 12 Hours

Included Accessories

  • 2x Cold Accumulator
  • 1x Egg Tray



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