In collaboration with Eker Design, Mill Heat have reinvented the panel heater; and the result is simply stunning. The heater is visible, yet it is invisible. The rounded edges of the product, combined with the slightly curved front, has made this into a design icon in the heater industry.

The Mill Steel is a WiFi integrated panel heater, where the heater can be controlled with a touch of a button on your Millheat App. By using the App you can control different locations and as many heaters as you want.


  • 1200W panel heater with elegant design and steel front
  • Download the Millheat app to control your heater wirelessly
  • Digitally registered super accurate and advanced WiFi thermostat
  • Overheat protection
  • 100% silent easy operations
  • Temperature calibration function
  • Aluminium heating element for high efficiency and low surface temperature

App Features:

  • Control all your heaters situated in multiple locations, all inside the Millheat app. You can control all your heaters via the same user, regardless of where the heaters are situated.
  • Set up weekly programmes with different pre-defined modes: Comfort, Sleep and Away and Off.
  • Set individual temperature for 3 different modes in each room.
  • Override the set programmes for the whole house, a specific room or a specific heater. There is no need to edit your programme if you get home earlier than normal one day.
  • Enable vacation mode for saving energy while you are away. The app will automatically increase the temperature in your house before you get back home.
  • Share your house with other family members, making control easy.
  • "Open window" function that automatically turns off the heater if the temperature sensors registered a sudden fall in the temperature. The heater will start heating again automatically after 10 minutes.

Mill Steel 1.2kW WiFi Controlled Panel Heater #717718


    Wattage 1200W
    Number of settings 1
    Display Yes
    Timer Mode Yes
    Thermostat Yes
    Wi-Fi Yes
    Safety Cut Out Yes                                                  
    Dimensions                 W 105.0 x D 7.8 x H 40.0 cm
    Colour White
    Brand Mill Heat
  • Your expected delivery time will be 10 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) from the time of order.